About EduCamp I

            With a budget of 1.4 million Euros granted by the EU Tempus program, the EduCamp I project commenced in October 2010 and was carried out over a period of three years. The main objective of the project was to promote and implement ESD in Egypt nationwide and within all education levels. The consortium members of this project included Egyptian and European universities, NGOs, and international organizations.

Among the achievements of the project are:

  • Development of ESD resource kits for schools to provide activities for teachers and students that link directly to the existing school curriculum.
  •   Development of a School Teachers’ Training Programme (STTP) to enable teachers to implement ESD and use the kits in their teaching activities.


  • Establishment of seven Centres of Excellence hosted by seven Egyptian Universities (Cairo, Zagazig, Fayoum, Alexandria, Suez Canal, The American University in Cairo and Heliopolis University) with the aim of promoting and supporting the introduction of ESD into the education system and providing teachers’ training programs and consultancy services.