Target groups

The direct target groups of the project are teachers, volunteers from youth and women. The focus on females has been purposefully chosen as it is assumed that the multiplier effect of the gained skills and knowledge is particularly pronounced when targeting and engaging women.

The indirect target groups are school elementary and preliminary school students (children) of El Warraq area as well as their peers and communities in a wider sense. The proposed mechanism in this action enables transferring and sharing ESD knowledge in the target area.

The key stakeholders are administration staff and teachers of the local schools, El Warraq community, other local NGOs, youth groups and local units of the Ministry of Education (MoE). The six schools in the El Warraq area (three public and three private) as well as the three youth centres will be involved in the dialogue and the events of the action. Representatives of the mentioned stakeholders are to be identified during the first phase of the project. The detailed concept for their active participation in the project activities and its management will be designed and discussed during the kickoff workshop.