Work Package 1

WP1 is aiming to develop the summer educational and recreational programme for 2x3-weeks (3 weeks elementary school and 3 weeks preliminary school).

  • Activity 1.1: To identify the exact situation and real needs in El Warraq area, this package will start by the development of questionnaires needed to identify the real problems and deficits and actual skills of the target groups. In addition, the questionnaires will also include questions on the current infrastructure and the skills of teachers and volunteers. Then, the AUC (through a sub-contractor) in collaboration with Mohby Omkora local NGO will collaborate to acquire the data needed using the prepared questionnaires. Meetings and interviews will be organized with all the target groups including teacher, school children, school administrators, youth, women, representatives of other NGOs, and officials from the Ministry of Education. Based on the collected data, the current situation will be analysed and the fact findings report will be prepared by the sub-contractor.

    The fact finding report has been finalized and published.

  • Activity 1.2: Based on the “fact findings report”, the sub-contractor (in cooperation with ESD experts from SEKEM and AUC) will work on the adaptation of the EduCamp kits to deal with El Warraq real problems. The relevant school activities will be selected from the kits to cover topics such as garbage collection, energy and water savings, air and noise pollution, solid waste recycling, community participation, etc. This activity will result a new version of the kits for El Warraq area to be used for the summer program and other school activities and training programs. The developed kits will be targeting two different levels. The first level will be developed for children 12 years and under and the second level will be targeting children above 12 years of age.

    Two levels of educational kits have been established; one for primary students and one for preparatory students. The educational kits are covering El-Warraq’s problems related to sustainable development.

  • Activity 1.3: The kits will be then used to develop the 2x3 weeks educational and recreational program based on the adapted kits in 1.2. SEKEM will be responsible for developing the program to select the activities and design the necessary environment (experiments, group work, outdoor activity, games, etc.). There will be two levels of materials as deliverables of this activity one is targeting the primary school and the other one for the preliminary schools. 

WP1 has been established and completed successfully.