Work Package 3

In this WP, the AUC and Mohby Omkora local NGO are collaborating together to improve renovate the existing educational and recreational facilities in the two targeted public schools located in El Warraq; Mohamed Farid Primary school and Elsadat Preparatory school. The following activities will be carried out to reach the third objective of the project:

  • Activity 3.1: The AUC is collaborating with the Mohby Omkora NGO to assess the needed renovation actions and facilities through field visits by members from the AUC engineering construction services and facility services experts. The AUC will be responsible for renovation and deliver of the necessary equipment. The follow-up of the implementation of the renovation process will be supported by the NGO to reduce the cost and involve labors and people from the area in the process. The deliverable will be space and facilities available for the implementation of the training program and ESD activities.

    The equipment were determined successfully and are in the process of procurement and will be supplied to two schools before the pilot implementation during the summer.
  • Activity 3.2: SEKEM is responsible for developing the educational tools, experiments, and aid materials for the kits and resources for interactive activities related to energy, water and health. These tools are materials needed for the training process of trainees and later used for the real implementation of the kits. For example, tools  energy savings could be demonstration game for energy usage at home. The deliverable will be an ESD toolbox to be reproduced for other schools and youth centers in the area to scale up the project impact.

    The experimental tools and aid materials were already used within the training weeks in January and February 2015.

WP3 will be finished completely within February and March 2015.