EduCamp III AUC Closing Event

November, 2018

On the 13thof November 2018 an event was held in order to close the major phases of the EduCamp III project and celebrate and disseminate the project’s achievements.  The event took place at the AUC Main Campus from 10:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m.  The AUC was chosen as a place where all of the different stakeholders could meet and engage in fruitful discussion on the project and the future of the initiative.


The purpose of this dissemination event of “The AUC Closing Event” was to discuss the results of the EduCamp III project with the various officials, academic, ministry representatives, and others in order to both demonstrate the results as well as to discuss how best to move forward for replicating the successes and avoiding the problems and challenges.


The day started with welcome note by the Dean of the School of Sciences and Engineering at AUC, followed by a project presentation by Dr. Hani Sewilam to explain the project outcomes and activities. This was followed by brief speeches by project partners and the GIZ. After that, a documentary showing the main events of the project was presented and finally a group of students from the school presented a play about ESD to showcase one of the activities designed and implemented in the schools.  

During this play, all of the stakeholders managed to see how the new educational process would be implemented in a more activity based, and student-led process.

Finally, the event ended after answering questions from the attendance and the project manager, Prof. Hani Sewilam, thanking all those who participated in the project and promising to continue the EduCamp III initiative.