EduCamp III School Closing Event

September, 2018

On the 22ndof September 2018 an event was held in order to close the major phases of the EduCamp III project.  Namely, the event signaled the closing of the training and the renovation activities of the EduCamp III project.  The event started with a tour of the school in which the invitees had a chance to look at all of the progress that was made at the schools in terms of renovation, new facilities, new equipment, laboratories, and so on.



Later, all of the attendees saw an example of the activities that the teachers had learned from the training program and implemented a mock lesson with some of the students from the school.  During these sessions, all of the stakeholders managed to see how the new educational process would be implemented in a more activity based, and student-led process.

The event was also a chance for the project Sustainability Committee to meet and discuss the impact of the project and how they work together to sustain it. 



Finally, the event ended with the panel and the project manager, Prof. Hani Sewilam, thanking all those who participated in the project and handing out certificates to all those who attended the training and participated in the success of the EduCamp III project.