Beginning the Summer Teacher Training

July 2018

On the 29thof July 2018, the teachers from the schools in Boulaq began participating in a major training initiative.  The training was held at the AUC at the Tahrir campus.  The location was selected as it was considered the most appropriate location in which it had enough space and lecture rooms to host the training sessions while also being relatively close to Boulaq to allow for easy transportation for the teachers.


The training program is a massive undertaking, with more than 150 teachers being trained at one time. However, just because there is such a large number of that doesn’t mean that there was no room for engagement.  During the training, the teachers were split into multiple groups, each group being trained by a different instructor in a different lecture room, and then they rotated the instructor each day.  Thus, the each of the teachers received very hands-on and interactive training experience.