Closing of the Summer Teacher Training

July 2018

On the 29thof July 2018, the summer training for the teachers began in the AUC Tahrir Campus after about 2 weeks of intensive training on various topics, the training is coming to a close. On the 6thof August, 2018 the training was brought to an end.  During this last of day of training, Prof. Hani Sewilam, the manager of the EduCamp III project and the Director of the Center of Sustainable Development at the AUC visited the training sessions.

 During Prof. Sewilam’s visit, he met with all of the teachers being trained and discussed with them the challenges and issues that they faced.  Many of the teachers gave their perspectives of the problems that they meet every day in their schools, from the children, to the supervisors, to the administration, and even with the ministry.  After a long discussion, it became clear that the training program and the results of the training and the EduCamp III project would go a long way towards improving the situation of the schools in Boulaq.