Completion of the Schools Renovation

September 2018


After many months of incredibly hard and intensive work, the renovation of the schools is finally complete. The effort included the renovation of classrooms, meeting rooms, libraries, laboratories, computer labs, restrooms, and many other aspects of school.  The effort was tremendous with 3 new science labs, 4 new computer labs, 2 libraries and 2 home economics labs being established, and with many other rooms being made suitable for education.


The final results are a culmination of efforts that started more than a year ago staring with the first school visits, the measurements and analyses of the needs of the schools, the development of the plans for renovation, and the actual renovation. However, at the end of the day, the work that was put in was all worth it.


It should still be noted that these renovations are important to the school, it is not the core of the project.  In the end, the true resource of the schools are its human elements (the teachers, students, families, administrators, etc.) and that will always remain the focus of the EduCamp Projects.