Conclusion of EduCamp III Capacity Development Programs

August 2018

Over the past three weeks, teachers, administrators, and ministry officials have all been engaged in a variety of training programs.  Starting on the 29thof July, the training program began with the teacher training program in the AUC Tahrir Campus.  During this training, teachers learned about a multitude of modern educational techniques and approaches.


Then, after this training program was completed, the administrators were trained in the schools in Al-Boulaq on modern administrative and managerial techniques in order to have a more positive impact on the educational process in the schools.  Administrators were also challenged to make proposals and plans for improving and developing the schools.


Finally, a joint training program was held between all three of the key stakeholder groups in order to synergize their efforts and to understand how to collaborate better for the benefit of the schools and the students.  The last day of training was held on the 26thof August, 2018.