Developing a Participatory Model

November 2017 

The EduCamp III project is unique in its focus on participatory approach towards development. This means that any initiative must have grass-roots support, and that any change must come from the ground-up. As such, one of the key activities of the project will be the development of a Participatory Model for managing and administrating the schools.


Figure 1: EduCamp III inauguration Event bringing together Boulaq ElDakrour stakeholders in one place to discuss project objectives and the community model

This idea of a participatory model is directly linked with the need for establishing a model for sustainability of the project for the schools.  Thus, the results of the project shouldn’t just be limited to the period in which it runs, but that its impact should continue for years beyond.  This means that this model will be linked with the overseeing the results of the project and its continuation.