EduCamp III Winter Training for School Management

January 2018

From the 26thtill the 31stof January 2018 during the mid-term vacation, a training program was held for the school administrators in the schools in Boulaq. The training was held in the schools and aimed at providing the administrators with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills in management and administration.  The purpose of this was to take a holistic approach towards raising the capacity of the schools. It comes with the realization that it is not enough to just train the teachers, but that there needs to be a complete support system of managers and administrators to ensure the sustainability of the results.


 The training was conducted over a 1-week period and aimed at providing the administrators with new tools and techniques for administration.  The topics that the administrators were trained on were: Management & Leadership, Management of Schools, School Culture, Communication & Cooperation and Education for Sustainable Development.


Overall, the training program was finished successfully, with all of the trainees giving a very positive evaluation of the training and looking forward to any future training programs.