First follow-up visit after the teachers' training

On the 2ndof April 2018, the EduCamp III team conducted a follow-up visit on the schools in Boulaq in order to see the impact of the training on the ground.  The visit was used to see how the teachers were implementing the activities, as well as to see how the students were reacting to the different ideas and techniques being used.



During this visit, the teachers conducted various activities with the students showing the methods of implementation of the ideas and concepts learned during the training program. During the current visit, the teachers used activities relating to brainstorming different types of jobs, discussing the impacts of the jobs on the environment and pollution, and a communication-based game for guessing the kind of jobs.


Overal, the visit demonstrated very positive results, as students were even discussing relatively advanced concepts including using electric powered cars, solar energy, etc. The EduCamp III team left very satisfied with the progress that the students were making as well as convinced that the sustainability of the project would be assured as the teachers were very much enjoying these new techniques and educational methods.