Meeting for Discussing and Developing a Participatory Model

January 2018

Based on the need to develop a participatory model in the schools, a meeting was held with the council of parents, the board of trustees, and the school management in order to discuss how this model will be established.  From the beginning of the meeting, it was made clear that the full participation of all of the stakeholders would be needed to ensure the sustainability and continuity of the project.

Other discussions were brought up in the meeting.  For example, it was discussed the need to carefully study the law and regulations governing the different councils including the council of parents and the board of trustees, and it was agreed that it would later be provided and studied in order to determine the governance approach that the participatory model would take.

The meeting ended with a promise that there would be a smooth transition on the responsibilities of the project to the Boulaq community, and that they are very keen on ensuring that the results remain and continue into the foreseeable future.