Partner NGOs Training session

On the 16thof December 2017, A Training session for the NGO partners was held at their premises.  The purpose of the training was to build up the capacities of the EduCamp III for conducting needs assessments and for researching the state of the members of the community. The training was conduct by Omar Eldahan and was developed specifically for the project.


The training was done through a series of roundtables in which the different members of the NGOs engaged in discussion on which questions were most important to ask the members of the community, how should the questions be asked in a way that would elicit effective and clear responses, and how these questions may help in developing the schools and achieving the objectives of the project.


The results of the workshop ended with a series of recommendations for the development of semi-structured interviews, made from the members of NGOs as well as the members themselves gaining an solid understanding and abilities for conducting a clear needs analysis for the Boulaq Community.