Progress of School Management Training

August, 2018

The School Management training program is well under-way and will continue until the 15thof August, 2018.  During this training program, the Schools’ Management have been learning a variety of topics including self-assessment and effective leadership, training and quality control units, plan for school reform, and other essential topics.

 One of the key points that has been a focal issue of the training has been the topic of quality in the educational process.  Due to ever stricter requirements from the ministry of education, every school is under pressure to meet higher and higher standards in their quality assurance processes.  As such, discussions between the participants of the training program emerged on how these training programs can be used for enhancing the quality assurance process and meeting the accrediation requirements.

 Furthermore, other concepts have been discussed including developing the strategic plan for the school as well as developing the analyses on the problems and challenges facing the schools.  It is hoped that by the end of the training, each of the School Management team members will be able to provide positive contributions towards developing the school of 2030 alongside the teachers.