Progress of the Summer Teacher Training

July 2018

On the 29thof July 2018, the summer training for the teachers began in the AUC Tahrir Campus. After facing some challenges, each of the teachers have begun to settle into the training routines and benefitting from the unique training sessions and programs.

 Each of the teachers rotate from taking various sessions with topics including classroom management & positive discipline, instructional tool design, time management & problem solving, use of the ESD kits, and other topics relevant to the challenges and problems that they face in their schools.

 The training is being conducted by experts in the fields of ESD that have been brought by the project team to infuse the ideas of sustainable development into the teaching approaches.  Each of the training sessions uses highly interactive and experiential learning techniques.  Through these approaches, the training participants are challenged to have more contributions in which they themselves help in the training process by adding their skills and unique experiences to enrich the training process.