Request for Quotations for the School Renovations

April 2018

On the 2nd of April 2018, the AUC officially sent out requests for quotations (RFQ) for renovating the schools. The focus of the RFQ is for companies to help in renovating the schools based on the studies and needs analyses conducted in the project. Over the past few months, a dedicated team from the EduCamp III project has been regularly visiting the schools in order to find out what are the most critical infrastructure and renovation needs that they had in order to detail the RFQ and for the renovation to have the maximum impact.

 Figure 1: Classroom in Mohamed Farouk Wahdan school before renovation


Figure 2: Science Lab condition before renovation

It is expected that through this competitive RFQ process, the EduCamp III project will be able to bring out the maximum benefit for the schools, the teachers, the students, and all of the stakeholders involved.  Furthermore.  Based on the renovation that will be conducted, it is expected that most of the future initiatives that will be organized at the school will be served by these improved and renovated areas and rooms.


Figure 3: Science lab design for Gamal AbdelNasser school


 Figure 4: Library new design for Gamal AbdelNasser School


Figure 5: Computer lab design for Gamal AbdelNasser School