Second teachers' follow-up visit

On the 16thof April 2018, the EduCamp III team conducted a follow-up visit to the Mohamed Farouk Wahdan School in Boulaq in order to provide further follow-up to the teachers and to see the progress that the teachers and students were making. During the previous visit, the EduCamp III Team helped the teachers in seeing how the activities were implemented on the ground and follow-up with them in their implementations for the students.  During this visit, the EduCamp III Team took a step back and let the teachers take the initiative.


During this visit, the EduCamp III Team watched as the teachers implemented a different ESD activity that was developed.  This time, the focus was on the different kinds of transportation that the students use, and how that affects the environment and society. Students were asked to use critical thinking skills in order to determine the pros and cons of the different methods of travel.


Overall, throughout the follow-up visit, the teachers all clearly demonstrated that they were becoming much more familiar with the different teaching techniques.  They were all very capable in implementing the different ideas within the ESD concepts and were making full use of the ESD Kits.