Starting the Joint Training Program

August 2018

One of the most unique parts of the EduCamp III project is the joint training program that is conducted between the teachers, the administrators, and the ministry officials in Al-Boulaq.  While the previous training programs were mainly focused on developing the capacities of the teachers or administrators in their own fields, this training program will focus on bringing these three key stakeholders together in order to create synergies for enhancing the educational process in the schools.

 The most important part of the training programs will be to create open dialogue between these three groups.  Through this dialogue, a more open method of sharing, cooperation, and communication is expected to emerge and will used as an approach for developing the school and the services that it provides.  Furthermore, in this training, it is expected that all of the problems that each group has will be aired out, and thus it can be discussed and dealt with in a fair and transparent manner.