Summer School Management Training

While most projects focused on enhancing education, usually deal only with the schools, the EduCamp III project is focused on a more holistic approach towards education.  As such, the school management staff are considered key stakeholders in the project, and thus it was essential that they too be included within the training activities.


Indeed, on the 5thof August 2018, the School Management Training program was held at Mohamed Farouk School and continued for 2 weeks. For this critical training, experts on educational administration and management, Mr. Mohamed Yossef and Mr. Mohamed Zanaty, came to give a week-long training program focusing on the different administrative and managerial tools that the administrators could use to enhance the educational process and system in the schools, such as self-assessment, school management fundamentals, skills essential for school leaders, how to activate the training unit in the schools, decision making techniques and crisis management.


 It is expected that, as a result of this training program, that there will be a better understanding on the role of the administrators in enhancing the overall learning environment for students, teachers, parents, and all relevant stakeholders in a bid to develop the schools in a sustainable way.