EduCamp III teachers' winter training

During the mid-term vacation, a training program was held for the school teacher in Boulaq. A program was developed specifically for the teachers of different educational level and used the material of the ESD Kits developed for the EduCamp III Project.  The training program was based on the principles of Education for Sustainable Development and aimed at raising the overall capacities and capabilities of teachers in the area.


The training was conducted by Ms. Nashwa Moheyeldin, Mr. Loay Maher, Mr. Mohammed Anwar, Mr. Moamen Ghanem, & Mr. Amin Abdallah who worked to create a truly innovative training program that would train the teacher through using the same activities and techniques that the teachers would use with the students. Teachers were taught how to use very simple and basic material that are cheap and easy to find anywhere for very fun and engaging activities with the students.


Overall, the training program was finished successfully, with all of the teachers giving a very positive evaluation of the training and looking forward to any future training programs.